XPS and EPS performance comparison

        Date:Jun 27,2012

        XPS insulation board used in wall insulation, flat concrete roof and steel roof insulation, low temperature storage on the ground, parking platforms, airport runways, highways and other areas of moisture-proof insulation, control of ground frost. Excellent, long-lasting thermal insulation of extruded panels, thermal conductivity 0.028w/mk, high thermal resistance, low linear expansion characteristics. Its thermal conductivity is much lower than other insulation materials such as EPS board, polyurethane foam, insulation mortar, cement, perlite, etc. At the same time as the material has stable chemical and physical structure, to ensure that the insulation properties of materials durable and stable. Superior resistance to water, moisture, has a tight closed-cell extruded sheet structure. Polystyrene molecular structure itself does not absorb water, they are both positive and negative plates there is no gap, therefore, low water absorption, excellent moisture and anti-permeability. High compressive strength of extruded foam board as strongly linked to and intramural seamless, so its very high compressive strength, even if long blisters remain unchanged. So as a parking platform, airport runways, highways and other areas can be a good impact resistance. Corrosion durability of the general use of rigid foam insulation is easy to produce after a few years of aging, along with resulting performance degradation caused by water. The extruded plate for excellent anti-corrosion, aging resistance, heat resistance, high temperature steam under pressure, able to maintain its excellent performance, service life up to 30-40 years

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