Extruded panels of various factors on the impact of machinery and equipment

        Date:Jun 27,2012

        In general, the extrusion process, the plastic particles from the solid particles into a fluid state, the temperature is to control the manufacturing process the primary means of change. In the cable industry, cable manufacturing process requirements xps board extrusion equipment manufacturers in the production of extruded sheet to the attention of XPS extruded plate warming equipment, to maintain a stable temperature, raw materials, plastics, head pressure, extrusion process, etc., should be as close as possible to set the ideal state.

        The usual temperature range corresponding quantitative indicators to regulate in order to reduce the negative impact caused by temperature changes. As the extruded sheet production process equipment, the complexity and rigor, the XPS XPS extruded plate extrusion mill on the higher relative price. Extruded sheet machinery heating system temperature changes directly affect the extrusion process goes smoothly or not, thereby affecting the quality of cable products. However, in the actual production process, sometimes extruded plate equipment in a range of temperature fluctuations in temperature can often be adjusted to achieve significant results, in this case the production of products, especially for high value-added cable (such as control cables, power cables, communication cables, XLPE cables, etc.) will result in greater waste.

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