Extruded plate production line application of the product in the construction industry

        Date:Jun 27,2012

        Extruded plate production line products in the construction industry applications excellent thermal insulation, high thermal resistance, low linear expansion ratio and low, its structure, closed-cell rate of 99%, and the formation of a vacuum layer, to avoid air heat flow to ensure lasting and stable insulation properties, as opposed to 80% closed-cell polyurethane foam rate, leading edge self-evident.

        Proved 20mm thick XPS insulation board extrusion, the insulation effect is equivalent to 50mm thick polystyrene foam, 120mm thick cement perlite. Therefore, this material is the best choice for building insulation. Excellent high-strength compression plates of the special structure of the XPS, its high compressive strength, impact resistance, strong, according to different models of XPS and thickness of its compressive strength 150-500Mpa above, can withstand the load of the system ground widely used in geothermal projects, highways, airport runways, the square on the ground, large refrigerator and interior decoration insulation and other fields.

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