New Type of PU Sandwich Panel Machinery

        Date:Aug 19,2014
        Guangxing Machinery technical centre is well equipped with a new type of PU sandwich panel machinery. Our technical team provides on site technical support to our clients. The market of PU-cored sandwich panels has been showing a steady growth over the last decade.
        Major advantages of PU-cored sandwich panels, such as light-weight construction, superb thermal-insulation and rapid &economic construction technique, are definitely appealing for an emerging economy. 
        The application of PU-cored sandwich panels versus other construction techniques is compared. After this, an evaluation of the advantages of PU versus other insulatingmaterials is also presented. 
        It is well supported by our Technical Development Center to ensure efficient transfer of technology and delivery of technical projects as agreed with our clients. Having faith in the potential of the China market, Guangxing Machinery made investments in local assets and has consistently delivered value to ensure enduring clients relationships. 

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