Guangxing Group present itself the icing on the cake for 115th Canton Fair

        Date:Aug 19,2014
        April 15-19, 2014, Guangxing Machinery carry the newly developed and improved various insulation boards’ samples made by our machinery and equipment to the Canton Fair. They won the recognition of domestic and foreign friends with innovation, high-technology and good quality.
        Guangxing group not only presents soft&hard surface polyurethane insulation production lines’ samples but also shows various insulation boards like eps and rockwool. Since these insulation materials industry freshed with new technology&equipment, attracted special attention from home and abroad. 
        In 2014, Guangxing Group participated 115th Canton Fair, record statistics together with the UN trade data show that Polyurethane&Rockwool building material is constantly growing in global construction field, while as the traditional type, EPS still leads the martket in some degree.
        1 EPS shapes material for building insulation occupies majority market share in construction field. The need for the EPS Shape Molding Machine is still large.
        2 Anti-fire performance is a key aspect for the development of foam insulation building material. Our company's new product,Modified Thermosetting EPS Insulation Board Production Line gets clients' deep interest. It is the rising star of the EPS insulation material in construction field.
        3 Used to make roof panels,large-size factory and storage plant, PU sandwich panel is the rising sun of construction field. North America,Asia, Middle East and European countries promote the application of PU sandwich panel in building field. PU Sandwich Panel Production Line market is expanding. Our PU Sandwich Panel Production Line is a multi-purpose line which can make PU, rockwool and phenolic sandwich panels.
        For 115th Canton Fair, Guangxing Group booth is: 7.1C39. Booth information for 116th Canton Fair has not been announced by now.
        Warm home building and qualified equipment&services supplying are the basic goals of Guangxing Group.

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