Rockwool production line performance

        Date:Nov 19,2014

        1.     Production Line Performance:


        Production line with its equipment and components is designed according to the basic specifications given below.


        1.1  Production line capacity:


        Industrial production line is specially designed and manufactured, its capacity is 3,8-4,3 tons of end-product per hour at a consistent and stationary operation, or 30,000tons of slagwool product per year.


        1.2 Production line dimensions:


        Line length -92m;

        Line width -12m;

        Line height -10m.




        Slag wool panel with synthetic binder: density 40-200kg/m3, thickness 40-200mm, length 1,0m and 1,2m, width 0,6m and 1,2m.

        Stitched slag wool mat: density 50-100kg/m3, thickness 40-120mm, length from 1,0m to 6,0m, width 1,2m.

        Slag wool mat with synthetic binder: density 40-55kg/m3, thickness 40-120mm, length from 1,0m to 6,0m, width 1,2m.


        1.4 Period of operation:


        Production line is designed and manufactured to operate for about 7200 working hours per year. Each year total working hours include 14 calendar days for annual repairs, the rest time is for maintenance service that must be carried out regularly in accordance with a detailed annual schedule. From 8 to 10 hours is given for specified regular weekly maintenance works.


        1.5 Main raw materials and fuel


        Raw material: fractionatedtechnogenic materials: blast-furnace slag fraction 5-20mm from Chelyabinsk iron and steel works (Mechel) or from Magnitogorsk iron and steel works (MMK).

        Additional raw materials: to achieve a desired composition for certain kind of the product should add around 20% of wastes porphyrite (natural-occurring material)fraction 0-3mmfrom Timofeevskoe deposit.


        1.6 Binder material and additives:


        Phenol-formaldehyde resin is used for the manufacture of products based on synthetic resin; its characteristics are specified bellow:


        Nonvolatile content (concentration)                                      45 – 52 %

        Viscosity at 20 °C                                                                  8 - 10 mP

        pH  factor8,4 – 8,7

        Gel time at 130 ºC     10 – 12 min

        Water solubility                                                                      min. 1 : 20

        Shelf life at 20 ºC                                                                   min. 2 weeks

        Density                                                                                  about 1,16 g/cm3

        Free phenol content <1%

        Free formaldehyde content <0.5%


        Resin consumption:                                                               80 - 100 kg / ton of product


        Anti-dust additives like oil and silicone emulsions are added to the wool for dust binding during slag wool production and to prevent dusting of products.

        Water-repelling admixture like water-solubleoil and silicone emulsions are used to make water-repellent products.

        Finishing agents like silicon hydride (silane) and its derivatives are added to increase adhesive strength of binder and wool.

        For preparing binder solution phenol-formaldehyde resin, water-repellent, finishing, anti-dust additives and softened water is used in the following ratio.


        1.7 Auxiliary materials:


        Filters for filtration chamber:

        Slag wool panels from manufacturing
        - Density  70 kg / m3

        - Length                                                                                    1 m

        - Width 0.5 m

        - Thickness 0.05 m


        Packing material
        Technology packages and rolls are packed in heat shrink film with the following characteristics:


        Thickness                                                                                0.05 - 0.08 mm ± 10%

        Degree of shrinkage                                                                85/15%

        Film width Product length + 400mm


        1.8 Power:


        Electrical energy



        380/220 V




        50 Hz


        250 KW/ton of product



        Natural gas


        Caloric value

        Hu =36.000 kJ/Nm3


        max. 30-50 Nm3/ton of product in curing oven


        Compressedair (without water andmechanical impurities)


        6 – 7 bars

        Consumption (centrifuge, scales, dampers, cylinders) 

        150 Nm3/ton of product





        max. 1 °dH


        4 – 6 bars


        about2 - 3 m3/hour

        Used for

        Coolingofcentrifugerolls, cleaning of wool collectingmachine drumand for preparing of binder solution


        For fire extinction around 10 l/s of water must be secured.

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