Excellent performance of the extruded board environmentally friendly insulation materials

        Date:Jun 27,2012

        Scope This product is suitable for concrete, roofing, pressure steel roofing, roofing parking. Inverted roof insulation is insulation material of choice, with the auxiliary products for the insulation layer is located above the waterproof layer, waterproof layer can from the temperature, UV, external damage, and eliminates the need for roof insulation of the exhaust system characteristics apply to the surface of the interior and exterior building insulation, but also the cold storage, refrigerated trucks and other places of choice for thermal insulation materials, ventilation ducts for central air conditioning, heat insulation, moisture, sound effect, but also has a very good load-bearing structure effect. Roadbed surface temperature protection in cold areas of highways, railways, airport runways laid under the road surface and roadbed cushion control on the ground frost. Suspension paved floor fill panels are widely used in paint, flooring and other floating paved paved floor filling, heat insulation, moisture, sound insulation effect.

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