Extruded plate production line built a large-scale construction process

        Date:Jun 27,2012

        XPS extruded plate production line placed row of panels in accordance with the loft board site map placed the extruded plate. Yin and yang in all corners, extruded insulation boards are plug slot to do, and even into the corner of yin and yang, two plates at the splice junction with a special adhesive solid. Dovetail plate for extruded, the flat side out, between adjacent panels are tongue and groove connection, the order should be placed from left to right, right I stand outwards, in order to facilitate connections between the board and the board the tongue and groove joints to squeeze through tight. Extruded steel plate is located outside the wall, tied up with plastic extruded polystyrene board through, place clamp available when tied ligation to the wall reinforced with appropriate banding fixed plate and the plate in between the tongue and groove joints brushing before installing extruded polystyrene board adhesive glue (there must be some contamination clean up), then install.

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